Session 6


Why do you search the Internet?
It is very important to learn how to search the internet ast there are millions and millions of pages. This session will help you to learn to find information quickly and easily!
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After reading the above lesson, I would like you to go to the
1.Google search engine or
2. Any of the links below
3. Research about your country
4. Write few things that you found interesting in your journal

Click on the links below and do your research
Wolfram Alpha
CIA's World Fact Book
BBC Country Profile

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Cut and paste one interesting thing that you researched.

Try these search engines at home and see which you liked the best
Click on the links below and then write in your journal what was your favorite search engine

Search Engines for Kids

Google has launched a kid friendly search engine and is a great tool.‚Äč

Here is the link for more information about how Google filters content and provide safe searching for kids.

Awesome Library - This link has 14,000 carefully reviewed resources
Berit's Best Sites - This is a directory of kids' web sites
Britannica - This has a lot of websites, magazines, books
KidsWeb - Kid's directory
Yahooligans - Kids Search Engine - Kids-Links from education to games
KidsKonnect - web directory maintained by educators
K.E.W.L. - Kids Excellent Web Links