My Name is _
I am from _
Hello in your Language

The Day I Was Born
dMarie Time Capsule - On this Day In History
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What's In A Name?
Look at the Etymology of Names web site to find out what your name means. Be sure to click the Popularity button to see how popular your name is too!
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Write one thing that you find interesting about your name.
How Old Am I?
Calculate how many hours and minutes old you are.
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Watch this video again, and write down any questions you would like me to answer

Whyville - Whyville is a free virtual city and social networking site for kids. Members of Whyville can communicate with each other in a safe and secure environment while they learn about science, math, art, civics, economics, and other topics.

NGA Kids - The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. provides an NGA site just for kids. The website is a great place for kids to learn more about art and try their hand at various online art projects, such as digital photography, image editing, painting, and collage.
Wonderopolis is a free resource for children that has a clever, simple design, plus intriguing topics that can't help but spark kids' interest.
ESL Brainpop: is a website that can teach your children many different subjects...especially writing and sentence structure.
Educational videos

Math Links

Cool MathMath Practice
AAA MathMath Practice
Math is FunMath Practice
Math Dictionary provides simple and clear definitions of math terms. Each definition includes a small diagram or simple activity to illustrate the term's definition.
Math is fun
Iknowthat.comMath practice-Pre-K- 6th grade
Interactive Math Tools & Games
Interactive Math Games
Interactive Math Games
Speedy Pictures
ICT games
Number Bond Machines Practice math skills with numbers
Funschool Kaboose

Math games for children to practice at home:

Teaching Time: Tug Team Giraffe Pull
It’s an intense game of tug of war for up to eight students as they try to out-time their opponent. Teams are split into two as they race to be the first to answer the time-related questions. How quick students correctly answer determines how fast your giraffe will tug. Whichever team tugs the other team past the flag first wins!
Jet Ski Addition
Up to four students at a time can battle one another as they jet ski their way through addition problems. Addition problems appear on the top of the screen and in order to power their jet ski, the students must answer the question correctly. The quicker they give the correct answer, the faster their jet ski will go. this game defiantly adds speed to your students addition skills.

And once I had a teacher who understood. He brought with him the beauty of mathematics. He made me create it for myself. He gave me nothing, and it was more than any other teacher has ever dared to give me. ~cochran