Learning and Skill Development will occur through a format designed to engage the parents in relevant, meaningful activities that enable and empower the parents to demonstrate what they are learning with the 21st Century skills. These training sessions will also prepare parents, who in turn will be accountable to work on the skills learned with their children and family members. Each class will follow a particular format to provide structure to the sessions.

The first five minutes of each class will be devoted to reviewing, recording, or reporting on progress of family assignments. Parents will also be given opportunity to ask questions about the former lesson. The next ten minutes will be devoted to keyboarding skills, teaching or clarifying computer terminology. Next, parent participants will have 40 minutes to complete an individual lesson by accessing the parent Wiki. The last five minutes of each session will be a review and discussion of the homework assignment to complete with their student(s) during the week.

The teacher will be constantly monitoring the class sessions and online postings of the families. She will be providing feedback, answering online queries, and giving online support. The first session will be an introduction lesson to get acquainted and build relationships. Participants will activate their parenting Ning and Wiki. Clarification will be made to parents that the purpose of the Parent Tech class will be not only to improve their skills, but also the academic skills of their children.

The next three sessions are devoted to learning how to follow links, how to communicate through writing, posting about themselves and sharing and working with each other, and their children at home. This will be how parents will gain confidence working with 2.0 tools.

At the end of session four, an opportunity to celebrate, reflect, discuss, and provide feedback to the instructors will be done. Time remaining will be devoted to typing and keyboarding skills, computer question and answers. This will again be an opportunity to build relationships in the class, provide feedback to the instructor about the course, and create a collaborative atmosphere.

The goal of session six will be to gain knowledge about the Internet and Internet browsing. The skill imparted in session seven is how to use search engines to obtain accurate results, and how to teach children to use kid-friendly search engines to research topics. Session 8 is how to copy, save, and print different articles of interest. Parents will then be able to teach their children to do the same. Sessions nine and ten are devoted to improving English skills using Rosetta Stone. Their skill improvements will be applied to developing the language arts skills of their children. Parents will be encouraged to check out an audio/book set to read to and with their child(ren).

The last two sessions will be focusing on Internet Safety in order to inform and protect students of Internet dangers. They in turn will monitor, educate, and apply safe Internet skills at home. To conclude the sessions, we will have a graduation ceremony, in which students will be invited to join their parents for a final celebration of accomplishment.