Session 7

Copying, Printing & Saving In this session we will learn about Copying, Printing & Saving. Computers allow you to copy text and pictures from web sites so that you can use them in your own work or studies.

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Many a times, you will need to save pictures from the internet to your computer. This lesson will teach you how to do that

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Click hereto do the Researching on the Net Quiz.
Click hereto do the Story of your choice and then copy and paste in your journal

Go to the local library, try to copy and paste some of your favorite stories or articles into the ning. Then take a print of 5 things that you found most interesting and watch some videos posted there.
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Click here to go to The Story Placefor digital stories for audio visual stories. There are activities too!
Click here for Color lessonfor great coloring activities
Click here to play virtual keyboard with your children, learn to play music online
Click here to go to the Interactive Reading Websites. There are so many to choose from
State Capital Penguin Hop
Learning the states and capitals is fun with the help of these penguins! Up to four students at a time can challenge one another in states and capitals. Each student is given a penguin and they must guide their penguin home to their proper state. They can only advance their penguin to the iceberg that correctly corresponds with the given capital.