Session 3

More of Me?
Check to see if your phone number and/or address are listed:
Are there other people who have the same name as you? How many? Others with the same last name?
Cut and paste one interesting thing that you researched.
Fitness Finder?
Answer a few questions and let the computer tell you what you need to do.
Click here to do the activity
Cut and paste one thing that you will do to be fit.
Find two are three pictures of your country that you would like to share
Click here to find images
Select the picture and paste it to your document.
Translate a Sentence from English to any language of your choice
Click here to translate
Cut and paste the translation.
Search for 2 news headlines from your country
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Cut and paste 2 interesting headlines.

Thank You in your language.

Wordle about you
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Paste your word document here
Click on Go
screen capture and add it to your ning.


Try this activity at your home with your family and copy it to your ning

Big Universe - Big Universe is an award-winning literacy site for grades K-8. Offerings include a free library of books to read online and tools that can be used to create and share books with other Big Universe users.

National Geographic Kids - This Parents' Choice recommended site from National Geographic hosts educational videos, games, photos, stories, and other activities for kids. The site also has regular contests and other interactive prompts to keep youngsters excited.

Treasures Reading ProgramGreat activities for students and families to work at home

Free Rice Vocabulary Builder:The web site has an English vocabulary builder with words, definitions, and pronunciation and for each word the students get correct

Snappy Words: Snappy Words is a free visual English dictionary and thesaurus that lets you search the meaning of words and other associated words.

Ant Bee's Childrens' Books and Stories - This website has easy reading stories, with story of the month.

Word Central:Word Central has a number of games where students can "play" with words and meaning.

The Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island - This website has page by page format, easy with colorful pictures

Aesop's Fables - Fables retold by students including the traditional and modern versions.

Parts of Speech Word Invasion
It’s octopus versus jelly fish in this fun activity! Students practice different parts of speech as they try to deflect the invading jellyfish. Each jellyfish has a different word in it. Acting as the octopus, students must activate the fire laser beam and destroy the jellyfish whose word corresponds with the type of speech that is placed in the octopus. If the jellyfish reach the octopus before it is destroyed, the game ends.
Verb Viper
This viper is hungry for some correct grammar! This game encourages students to recognize verb tenses, verb form, and identify subject/verb agreement. Subjects are placed above the viper and a stream of verbs is headed towards the viper’s mouth. Students must identify if a subject is singular or plural, then match it with the correct verb tense. Once they decide on the proper verb tense, they must make the viper bite down on it!

50 Books Every Child Should Read This links has a great collection of books which every child should read.

Personal Narrative This is a great website for you to explain narratives and has ideas to get started.

Using ESL Songs talks about how song is a useful tool to learn English. By being able to hear the whole sentence your child is able to absorb grammar and syntax subconsciously. This is a great idea and a fun to learn English.
Cross posted from ESL songs
ESL Song 1 How Are You? Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Here comes an ant, a spider, a bird, a cat, a fox, a lion. How are you? (Goes with "I'm Hungry" story one)
ESL Song 2 Funky Monkey Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language:Monkies, ponies, cats, lions go like this and they go like that. Funky! (Bridge from story one to "Anna at the Zoo" story two)
ESL Song 3 Anna At The Zoo Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Anna and her daddy are at the zoo and Anna sees, one snake, two ponies, three elephants, four giraffes, five bears, six ducks, seven lions, eight monkeys, nine birds, ten fish. (Goes with story two)
ESL Song 4 Colours Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and langauge: Red and yellow, green and blue, what colour are you? Orange and purple, pink and brown. ("Archie and His Poney" story 3)
ESL Song 5 On The Path Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Who is on the path / In the bush / In the pond / In the grass / On my head? It's me the spider, the monkey, the snake, the lion, the bird. Oh hello! (Second song for "Hide and Seek" story 4)
ESL Song 6 Where Are You Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Where are you little bird? On the path, in the bush, in the pond, in the grass, on the flower, on my head. Oh no it's the spider, monkey, snake, lion, fly. Oh there you are! ("Hide and Seek" story 4)
ESL Song 7 The Marching Ants Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: The ants are marching down the path. The purple ant falls asleep. Goes through ten colours. Revision song for colours. New words are marching and falls asleep. ("Marching Ants" story 5)
ESL Song 8 Catch The Ball Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Catch the ball, run and catch the ball, on the path, in the grass, in the bush, in the pond, in the lady's garden, good girl (Story 6, "Volka and the Pink Ball")
ESL Song 9 Six Ducks Swimming Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Six ducks swimming, swimming in the pond, and if one duck stops swimming in the pond, there'll be five ducks swimming... (Story 7, "Volka and the Ducks")
ESL Song 10 The Ducks In The Pond Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: The ducks in the pond go quack quack quack while they swim around. Volka in the pond goes woof woof woof. (Second song for story 7)
ESL Song 11 Bear And Teddy Bear Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Let me read you a story, sing you a song, play you some music, give you your teddy bear, give you a kiss goodnight, you'll be asleep before long. (Story 8)
ESL Song 12 Teddy Go To Sleep Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Teddy go to sleep, read a story, sing a song, play some music, drink some milk, kiss goodnight (Second song for story 8)
ESL Song 13 Apples Bananas Oranges Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Apples, bananas, oranges, get ready to touch, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, brown, a friend (Story 9 "Hetty and the Lion and revises colours)
Use the backing version for ANY vocabulary!!
ESL Song 14 Hetty And The Lion Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Lion, would you like some apples? pears, oranges, milk, bananas. Oh yes Hetty, I would. I'd like the ice cream.
ESL Song 15 Gerard The Giraffe Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Hello Gerard, how are you. I am hungry. I'm still hungry. Eat some ice cream, oranges, drink some milk, grass. I'm fine thanks. (Story 10 "Gerard the Giraffe")
ESL Song 16 Calypso Jump! Listen to mp3
Vocabulary and language: Jumping like a pony, swimming like a duck, running like a giraffe, eating like a lion, hiding like a spider, jumping a monkey. Oh yes we can jump, swim, run, eat, hide. (General revision song - animals and action verbs)