Before we begin the Scavenger Hunt, We will view a slide show on Diversity and God Bless the USA video

Then we will learn how to say Hello in 28 different languages and welcome in different languages:

Hello & Welcome chart made in WORDLE

Then I will divide them into groups of 2 and explain to the students that they will be using these links to research all about them. They should use the Internet to find some interesting things about themselves

1.The Day I Was Born
dMarie Time Capsule - On this Day In History
See what happened on the day and year you were born.

2.What's In A Name?
Look at the Etymology of Names web site to find out what your name means. Be sure to click the Popularity button to see how popular your name is too!

3.How Old Am I?
Calculate how many hours and minutes old you are.

4.More of Me?
Check out the Yahoo People Search web page to see if your phone number and/or address are listed:
Are there other people who have the same name as you? How many? Others with the same last name?

5.Find your country?
Check out on Bing web page to see your country

6.What does your phone number spell?
Enter your phone number and see what words can be created to represent it.

7.How tall will I be?
Answer a few questions and let the computer predict how tall you will be.

Take this quiz to get your personal stress profile

9.What kind of nerd are you?

10.What kind of friend are you?

11.Find people from your country?

12.Find population of your country?
Just key in your country and it will give you the map, flag, demographic, culture and currency.

Create a Flip book transferring using picture smart and logic smart

Answer the following questions:
1. Were the links helpful to find more about you?
2. What were the things you didn’t know before doing this activity?
3. Was it fun to play? Why or why not?
4. Did the links help to you know more about your country and the people?
5. Share one interesting thing about you?